1. Read the description of items in the photo caption.

2. Fill in this order form, by stating your desired item and all the relevant shipping details and click "Send, xo": 

3. After receiving the form, we will send you an invoice and payment details via email.

4. We will go ahead to reserve the said item for TWO DAYS ONLY, unless a reasonable reason or request is given to prolong the reservation period. Customers are required to pay for the item within this period.

5. Once payment is made, fill in this payment notification form to ease order processing: 
     Print screen the said transaction or capture a photo of the receipt (standard procedure)

6. Confirmation message on sucessful payment transfer will be emailed. Item will only be posted once FULL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED.
    Inter-transfer bank transaction will take at least 3 WORKING days to clear. Please be willing to wait.

7. We shall then send you consequent email to confirm your shipping details and any balances due (if any). Please reply it to avoid any misinterpretation and confusion. 

8. Once everything is confirmed, we wil proceed to post your item at the Pos Laju Office on the next working day after full payment is received and give you the tracking number for the parcel, either by tagging or private message (both on facebook) or via email.

9. Wait for the item to arrive at your location and ENJOY!

P/s: Please feel free to give us a feedback about our service and goods. Thank you and good day!


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