"hey-2 darl, i already received your delivery & it's amazing, thanks darl. How i wish every online shop was like you" - Anna Molly

"Got the parcel and the top is in perfect condition! Thank you very much for the fast service !We are happy! Once again, thank you so much!-KIV

"Have received the dress. I like its so much! Thank you" – Celynn

"Hi dear..I received the belt..It' lovely..i love the packaging too..thanks for the fragile sign..And all the nice words you wrote.sorry for the delay..And it's lovely to do business with you..Fazrena Lee

"parcel safely arrived today(:"  Ariza

"Thank you so much xoNostalgia! I got my dress today! It was such a lovely surprise because I didn't know I would be receiving it so soon! Thank you again, it's a lovely dress Description:" Mariam 

"dear , i da dpt item tuu . tqvm . i like so much . Description: Mimi

"hey. i have received the dress. thanks :) . the dress looks good on me and i love it like i love adele's song" Catharina Husada

"Hey there! Received the parcel safe and sound! Thank you very much for the smooth transaction! :D"KIV

"Received the jacket and the lovely broach! Ohhhh so sweet of you...I'm so touched. Thank you so very much!! Of coz I'm lovi'n it the yellow jacket..'the bomb' haha. Wishing XoNostalgia all the success coz you really value your customers ;-)Thanks again darl! Hugssssss..".Posh Alert

"Just received the parcel. It's lovely & thanks for the extra." – Ami

"Hi Dear, I'd like to inform you that both items purchased have safely arrived to my office. It smells good & excellent condition, i love it! Anyway, thanks for e free gift, it so cute tho!. Nice dealing w you. :)"Yang

"Thank you very much! I've received the jumpsuit. Love it! I really liked the item I got. It's exactly like in the pictures. Enjoyed and love it!"Amanda (aaxr via Friendly Fashion)

"very organised and such a pleasure!" - Nur Lala (Hola viaFriendly Fashion)

"hi dear. i got your parcel already. it is very nicely pack n it smells of soap powder. hahaha. anyway thanks very much n i hope 2 deal with u again some day. :D" – Eng

"babe i dah dpt baju k thanxxxx" – Ain

"Hi, i have just received it 2day!!!!! Thank you so much!! Love it lots" – Chiew

"Hai Dear item already received.. Love it..=) Tq." –Misha

"hello dear.. i've received my items Description: tq soo much. nice dealing with u" – Sueraya

"I just received the parcel today! Thank you so much again!! All the clothes are great and so pretty!" – Mariam

"I got the goods in the mail today.Thank you so much! ;DSo happy now!" – Genevieve

"dear..i dh recvd belt tu..mmg sgt cntik n condition dia tip top..but size besar ckit. hehe..n then tq for the gift..really nice the neckale n tq for the know what..i love how u wrapping my thing into box..really appreciate it..n sagt lovely..i looooveee it so much..u very particular person and sgt tkcre ur customer barang..i suka..first time i jupe online seller yg very ddedicated n particular..sgt heppi..yeayyy" – Shima

"hi dear. i got the parcel already. this round the clothes smells more fragrant than last time. YAY! thanks 4 the sweet messages in the receipt. i m very overwhelmed now. i m very glad 2 return 2 shopping at your stores this week. :) " – Eng

"Hi sweetie... Received the dress yesterday... Love it!!! Thank you Description:" – Ishani

"hello!!! Yes everything is great! My parcel came around 2 pm i think! Thank you so much! Description: mile
The dress is so beautiful and is in wonderful condition! I can't wait to wear it! & thank you so much for the free gift as well, I love it! You're too kind, it warms my heart! Thank you again for the great service! Looking forward to shopping with xoNostalgia again! Description: eart Description: eart" – Mariam

"hi dear. i have received my parcel already around 2pm. the baju kurung is very nicely fit on my body. the baju kurung is also in marvellous condition. the soap powder smell 4 this round is not as strong as the smell from my first time purchasing at your stores. thank you also 4 the sweet little messages and the birthday ribbon you attached on the receipt. i am very touched now. i will come back 2 shop in your stores again surely. good luck xoNostalgia. :) (:" - Eng


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